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Designed by Bruce Kirby of Laser fame, the prototype Fred Jr, was built in Vancouver for Dr George Wilkins and sailed to great effect in the Quarter Ton World Championships at Deauville in 1976.

Production was started at Cobbs Quay, Poole, England in 1976 by Anstey Brothers, soon to become Trapper Yachts, a member of the Granary Motor Group. The first boat appearing at the Southampton Boat Show that year.
The production boat was a faithfull copy of Fred Jr, although somewhat heavier, as a result of 'cruising' additions to accomodation.

In 1978 production  moved to Cabot Lane, Creekmoor, Poole, and eventually in early 1980's, hull moulding was put out to sub-contract, with Trapper Yachts now at Deacons Boatyard, Bursledon,  just finishing boats. By mid 1980's  Trapper Yachts at Bursledon were purely a sales operation for  completed boats, and they were eventually absorbed by Deacons.

Around 180 Trapper 300's of two interior versions were constructed, many being completed from kits. A considerable number of these 180 were sold in Poland, but some also went to USA and Hong Kong. 

Keels were originally available in lead or cast iron, the majority being the cast iron version. A number were later modified with a bulb on the bottom of the keel to increase righting moment. The standard cast iron keel weighed 1890lbs.

Spars were by Proctor in Park Gate, and all the original sails were by Team Sails in Fareham.

Many different engines were fitted, although the majority fitted by Trapper Yachts were Yanmar YSE8. Quite a few boats only had an outboard.  Propeller shafts varied some were 0.75" others 0.875".

In 1977 price of complete boat with inboard engine  was approx 9150 plus VAT, the kit boat without engine started around  4875 plus VAT (VAT was 8%)

Principal Dimensions (Derived from IRC 2004 Certificates), vary slightly from manufacturers original figures which are shown in brackets.

LOA  26.18ft        (26.25)
LWL  19.91ft        (20.6)
Max Beam  9.32ft.         (9.5)
Draft 5.25ft (standard cast iron keel)   (4.9)
Headroom                     (5.75ft)
Displacement                     (4410lbs) 

In practice the average boat with inboard weighs around 5000lb less rigging and sails

Foresail                Mainsail
I  32.42ft               P 27.75ft
J 10.00ft               E 8.03ft
(No1 160sqft)      (111sqft)

Current PY handicap (2005) 1053 (inboard, 2 blade folding prop, spinnaker, 150% genoa)

Typical IRC rating (2005) 0.834
Typical IRC Weight (empty) 5360lb
Typical IRC Displacement 6450lbs


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Last Updated  February 18, 2017